Wolverhampton University Concrete Column Damage Repair

Structural Concrete Repair

Wolverhampton University Fire Damaged Column Repair

Client: Wolverhampton University

Contract Duration: 8 days

A fire within the Arts Department of Wolverhampton University had caused structural spalling damage and cracking to a reinforced concrete support column.

Quick mobilisation was required to carry out the works with minimal disruption, so the Department could re-open for the new academic year. The column repair was carefully coordinated with other maintenance contractors based in the same vicinity.

A support system from RMD was designed to act as temporary support to the roof structure while the column was broken out and repaired. This transferred the entire load of the column down through the concrete floor slab to the existing ground beam.

Once the support system was in place, operatives commenced breaking out the damaged concrete and saw cutting to form a neat edge. However, once the initial repair was broken out, further damage became apparent and the repair area doubled in size up to 2.8m which required shuttering and pouring in two operations. Five-Star Repair Concrete was used, and once the new column had gained 30N/mm2, the support works were removed, and the imposing loading applied.