Surveys & Inspections

Surveys & Inspections

Concrete is a versatile building material that has shaped the landscape and urban environment of modern Britain. As with many materials, concrete can degrade over time due to a number of factors; environmental, insufficient maintenance, impact and mechanical damage, overloading, shrinkage and chemical attack. Identifying and understanding the underlying cause of structural problems is essential, ensuring the correct technique of remediation is established leading to longer lasting repair and extended life of the structure.

Utilising our sister company Corrosion Control Services Limited (CCSL), Foreva Concrete Repairs offers an extensive range of survey and inspection services including:

Concrete Condition Surveys

  • Visual surveys
  • Cover surveys
  • Half-cell potential mapping
  • Dust sampling and chemical analysis
  • Defects surveys
  • Schmidt rebound hammer testing
  • Percussion (delamination) survey
  • Carbonation testing
  • Resistivity testing
  • Coring for strength testing
  • Petrographic analysis

Inspection and surveying of brickwork and masonry structures

  • Leak cause analysis
  • Tunnels and basements
  • Lift pits and service ducts
  • Roof slabs
  • Car parks

Our inspectors are accredited to work in rail, highways, clean and dirty water industries, offshore and nuclear environments, carrying out surveys in complex locations or access constraints, including those requiring roped access, telescopic gantries, inspection cradles or within confined spaces.

Our services include fire and accidental damage assessments and we are able to verify the performance of cathodic protection systems. Foreva’s experienced engineers can recommend methods to slow the rate of deterioration, to restore the defective area or to strengthen the structure.