Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Concrete repair is at the heart of our business. A highly versatile building material, concrete has shaped the landscape and urban environment of modern Britain. As with many materials, concrete can degrade over time due to a number of factors – environmental, insufficient maintenance, impact damage, overloading, shrinkage or chemical attack. Identifying and understanding the underlying cause of structural problems is essential and ensures the correct technique of remediation can be established, leading to longer lasting repair and the extended life of the structure.

Foreva Concrete Repairs provide a full turnkey service for concrete repair; from survey and inspection and concrete breakout, to the replacement of corroded reinforcement, reinstatement of concrete and application of corrosion inhibitors.

Concrete repair services offered by Foreva include:

  • Survey and inspection – find details of our survey and inspection services here.
  • Manual concrete breakout
  • Breakout by hydrodemolition
  • Wall sawing
  • Replacement of corroded reinforcement
  • Reinstatement by dry spray concrete
  • Reinstatement by hand placement
  • Reinstatement using flowable repair materials and formwork
  • Application of coatings and corrosion inhibitors – please follow link for full details.

Foreva use repair materials manufactured by CRA accredited industry leading suppliers.