Medway Police Station Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining Wall Repair

Medway Police Station, Kent

Client: Vinci Construction UK Facilities

Works Commenced: July 2018

Works Completed: August 2018

A retaining wall in the car park of Medway Police Station required brickwork repair and protective coating.

The works included

  • A hammer tap survey of each repair area, marking out the extent of the repair
  • Breaking out of damaged concrete
  • Structural repairs
  • The removal of existing contamination including laitance, paint, coating, oil, grease and dust by high pressure water jetting
  • Installation of a fairing coat
  • Installation of anti-carbonation paint

The works also included re-painting of handrails, re-sanding the pathway and cleaning of the coping stone.

The Mapei and Sika EN1504 compliant range of materials were selected for the wall refurbishment, and Hammerite satin paint finish to the balustrades, handrails and gate to match the existing colour scheme.

The retaining wall was located inside the police station car park, which was operational to car park users during all work phases. Extreme care was taken to ensure the works had minimum impact on members of the public using the station. All work areas were segregated from all other activities, specific tools to minimize dust were used, and an exclusion zone was set up around the working area.