Bridge ES301 concrete repair

Concrete Repairs

A40 Acton Bridges, Bridge ES301, London

Client: London Underground Limited

Contract Duration: 32 weeks

Bridge ES301 supports the A40 (Western Avenue) through Acton where it crosses the Central Underground Line.

The bridge required refurbishment as it was showing severe signs of distress caused by inherent low cover and chlorides leaking through a poorly waterproofed deck, and also to improve its aesthetic appearance.

The works first involved erection of a substantial crash deck over the underground lines.

The Client had stipulation that no water or debris should be allowed to fall onto the track areas, therefore the crash deck and access scaffold were required to be watertight. To ensure this, a substantial crash deck was erected over the underground lines.

The defective concrete was removed using hydrodemolition, and then reinstated with sprayed concrete.

Following completion of the strengthening works the soffit area and up-stand, beams were coated with anti-carbonation coatings.

All works were undertaken during night time engineering hours and were subject to the comprehensive safety regulations of London Underground.

The works were completed on time and within budget, to the satisfaction of the client.